Know How to Maintain That Metal Roof?

When it comes to prolonging the life of a metal roof, the best thing any homeowner can do is hire the right roofing contractor to install it to start off on the right foot.

After the fact, homeowners need to provide the necessary roofing maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Metal roofs do not require much in the way of maintenance, but these tips from metal roofing companies will help a homeowner make sure their metal installation lasts for decades without issues!

  • Keep It Clean of All Debris - First and foremost, keep up with roofing maintenance for a metal roof by making the effort to diligently remove any debris that ends up on the roof. Branches can scratch the protective coating and leaves on the panels or clogging the gutters can allow mildew to form or cause rusting on the edges or surface. Roofing contractors recommend twice-yearly gutter cleaning and removing other debris whenever it collects as the main type of maintenance that will keep metal roofs in their best condition.
  • Periodic Washing Is Good - Dirt and grime layers on metal roofs can, over time, degrade the protective coating and make the metal more susceptible to surface rust. Periodic washing that removes this grime layer will make the roof look bright and clean while reducing the damage to the painted protective coating. 
  • Know How to Do It - The best way to wash a metal roof without damaging it is using a soft bristle brush, a sponge, a washrag, or a non-abrasive pad. Roofing companies recommend using either plain water or a mild solution made from ½ cup of dish soap to 1 gallon of water, letting it sit for 10 minutes, then rinsing it off. Naturally, do it on a low sun day so the soapy solution does not dry on the surface too quickly.
  • Check for Problems - Lastly, roofing contractors recommend simply paying attention to metal roofs and watching for problems like loose fasteners, missing flashing, and anything else that seems incorrect. Roofers will happily discuss with their customers what to look for with these types of installations and when repairs should be made.

Though they do need some roofing maintenance, metal roofs are some of the most durable and easy to care for roofing systems out there.

Following these four simple steps suggested by professional roofing companies, any homeowner can provide this easy maintenance and help their roof last its full expected life.

For help with these tasks, contact a skilled metal roofing contractor to handle regular gutter cleaning, periodic washing, and routine roof inspections!