Top Fence Installation Mistakes Made by DIY Installers!

A new fence installation is a project best left to the professionals.

While there are some handy homeowners that have the tools and know-how to put in their own fence, these top mistakes that homeowners make illustrate perfectly why hiring a professional fence company is the best choice.

These common mistakes can make the difference between having a fence that lasts a decade or two or starts to weaken after only a few years.

An experienced fencing company can get the job done without these critical pitfalls.

  1. Property Line Errors - Before any fence installation is done, it is essential to have the property surveyed to avoid property line issues. Most DIY installers skip that very important step and end up with neighbor issues later on in terms of whose land the fence was actually installed on.
  2. Fence Post Holes Too Shallow - One of the most common mistakes that fence companies find being made by novice installers is failing to dig the post holes deep enough. Digging the post holes is the hardest part of the whole job, especially without the right equipment to do it. A post that is not set deep enough will fail due to the weight it is holding up above the ground not being properly balanced by a deep post that can support that weight.
  3. Cement Not Used When Needed - Another cheat that fencing companies find to be common is not filling post holes with cement for added support when needed. From the inability to dig the holes deep enough due to the soil makeup to a need for extra stability for an especially heavy installation, skipping the cement in some cases is a recipe for a fence that will become loose and start to sag in a short amount of time.
  4. Elevation Changes Not Accounted For - Doing a fence installation on uneven ground can be especially challenging, requiring the installation to be racked in certain ways to keep it sturdy. The best people to handle this type of installation are those from a reputable fence company, as they know how to correctly put up a straight fence on unlevel land.
  5. Poor Gate Hanging - Gate hanging is another fencing task that requires some skill and knowledge to prevent the gate from sagging, dragging, and weighing down the fence line. A professional fence company can install a fully operational gate that will remain so using the right techniques and hardware.

So before trying to save money with a DIY fence installation, homeowners should first consider these five common and serious problems, then talk to a professional installer.

The hassle, whether today or in the future, is not worth the savings.

A sturdy, beautiful fence put up by a skilled fencing company is worth the extra money paid.