When Should Emergency Roofing Repair Services Be Called?

Roofing emergencies happen and when they do, homeowners should arrange emergency roofing repairs as quickly as possible.

Yet not all damage qualifies as a roofing emergency and can be handled less urgently.

Before calling emergency roofing repair contractors and becoming frustrated that there could be a wait before they can come, homeowners should understand what constitutes an actual emergency that requires immediate attention and what can be scheduled for repair within a reasonable amount of time.

  • A Hole In The Roof - Any hole in the roof caused by flying debris penetrating it or some other event requires calling emergency roofing repair contractors to discuss the extent of the damage and getting instructions from them. If the hole is large enough, emergency roofing repairs will be scheduled immediately or contractors will show up to help the homeowner protect the area until permanent repairs can be made. 
  • A Tree Falling on the House - When a tree falls and damages the roof and house, homeowners should contact an emergency roofing repair service as well as a tree service and their insurance company to begin the process of getting the damage assessed and repairs made. 
  • Severe and Sudden Leaking - Severe, sudden leaks that cannot be contained require reaching out to emergency roofing repair contractors who can come quickly to reduce the amount of water damage sustained, even by simply applying temporary repairs to stop the water from entering the house. 
  • Damage that Causes Structural Problems - Any type of structural damage to the roof definitely requires a prompt call for emergency roofing repair services, as a dangerous collapse could result. 
  • Anything That Poses A Threat To Home Residents - In general, any type of damage to the roof that becomes dangerous to home residents, whether it is structural, due to something falling on the house or through the roof, or some other problem that involves the roof should be considered a roofing emergency. Residents should vacate the home and an emergency roofing repair contractor called to assess the damage and create a plan for getting the repairs made with the homeowner.

Fortunately, most roof damage that happens over time does not require emergency roofing repairs, though getting repairs done as soon as possible is recommended.

The instances when emergency roofing repair services should be called are those times when sudden, and severe damage happens that a homeowner cannot deal with, even temporarily.

Smaller issues, even if they make themselves known during a storm, can usually be handled through the scheduling of a normal roofing repair service appointment.