Why You Need A Storm Damage Restoration Specialist After The Storm Passes

Most communities have plenty of roofing contractors ready to take care of whatever work homeowners need to be done, whether that is a new installation of shingles or repairs for a leak that started in the attic.

Many of these contractors are experienced and will do a great job, while others might leave customers out on a limb paying for shoddy or unskilled workmanship.

None of them should be handling major storm damage unless they are home storm damage restoration specialists that are trained in that kind of roofing work.

Which Type of Contractor Should You Use?

Why does it matter which contractor you call?

There is more to repairing severe storm damage than just taking off the old shingles and putting on new ones.

Storm damage like crushed roofs caused by fallen trees, roofs and rafters blown off in hurricane winds, and other problems occurring in severe weather all require attention from expert home storm damage repair services that understand roofing from the eyes of a construction contractor.

It is more like a reconstruction project than simply a roofing contract, so it requires different types of skills.

Structural Damage Needs Skilled Home Storm Damage Repair Companies

When the repairs will involve more than just decking, but also rafters and trusses and structural parts of the house, this is many times outside of the realm of what the average roofing contractor can handle.

These are repairs that home storm damage repair companies experienced in roofing restoration should handle the job to get the best results.

It involves not just covering things back up, but first analyzing the whole structure and rebuilding the damaged parts from the walls, upward.

Only then, once the entire roofing support system is once again intact, can the decking and roofing material go back on.

Know When to Call Storm Damage Restoration Pros

Hopefully, you won’t ever need these kinds of extreme roofing services but if you do, be sure to call the right home storm damage repair service that can fix it right.

Here in Texas, we see many instances of homes being severely damaged by hurricanes and other extreme weather.

This kind of roofing damage demands a more experienced repair from a home storm damage restoration contractor that can make the structural and cosmetic repairs necessary.

Whether your roof has wind damage, hail damage, or a huge tree fell on your house, be sure to call a home storm damage repair company that knows how to properly assess the damage and repair it so it is like new!