Work To Do Prior To Start Roofing Installation

There are things you must consider doing before starting with your roof replacement project that might include: paint, tree limbs, cleaning of gutter and downspout, and chimneys repairs.


Is important that if it is more than ten years on your house paint or if you are thinking to paint your house again, you should consider doing this first before getting a new roof.

If you have dormers or dividers walls above sections in your roof, you should paint those first to save yourself the risk of splattering the shingles.

Also paint any metal chimneys or metal vents prior the roofing.

Painting before you install your new roof will make your roof maintained its color.

Overhanging Tree

If you've got a tree close to your home, this may have limbs that are hanging on the top of the roof.

It is important that you clear those limbs because they can damage your roof during high winds or snows.

Another benefit of removing the tree limbs is that they will not leave any debris on the roof.

Debris on your roof can cause moss, moist retention, and if not clean, it can cause a water leak in the future. Remove any leaning; dangerous tree limbs before you install your new roof.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

It is important to clean the gutter and downspouts before the replacement of the roof is done because most likely it has been a long time since they have been cleaned.

Remember that gutters trap leaves, debris, and anything that comes down your roof.

Cleaning gutters can be a messy job, but if they are not clean before the installation, it will be harder to clean them after the job is completed.

If you do not have any gutters, installing new gutters will be a great addition to the roof because gutters can help route the water that comes down the roof to the desired place you want.

Request a quote for the installation of gutters and if you are subcontracting, ask the contractor for any deals he might be able to offer you.

Repair Chimneys

If you have a brick chimney, it is a great idea to insect before the roof replacement is done.

Inspect the concrete and make sure is not cracked and make sure the chimney cap is not loose.

If your chimney needs to be replaced or repaired, doing it before your roof replacement is a must so the chimney is accurately in place before new roofing is placed around it.