What Should You Do After Suffering Roofing Storm Damage?

A huge storm has passed, leaving damage in need of storm damage roof repair.

Now what?

It will likely be impossible to get a to the house immediately, but that does not mean all is lost.

In the meantime, storm damage roofing repair contractor suggest that a homeowner put the time to good use protecting their property and making other plans to facilitate the repair process.

These tips can help them get that done.

  • Assess the Severity of the Damage - Once it is safe to do so, assess the severity and type of damage present to get an idea of how urgent storm damage roof repair must be. Some damage, like hail damage to shingles or a few broken or missing shingles, is less pressing while holes in the roof or entire sections of shingles blown off are more urgent. Don’t forget to look in the attic as well to find evidence of damage that might not be visible from the outside. 
  • Call the Insurance Company - After getting an idea of the amount and type of damage, phone the insurance company to let them know. They will begin the claims process and schedule an adjuster to come to inspect the damage and interpret policy coverage. Ask for any special instructions that they may have and confirm ahead of time whether storm damage roofing repair contractors must be approved by them and if repairs can be started as soon as possible. Be prepared to submit damage photos if necessary. 
  • Check for Leaks Inside - When inspecting the attic for potential storm damage roof repair, pay particular attention to whether there are active leaks or any evidence of water coming into the house. Inspect ceilings on upper floors and along walls throughout the house, as unseen leaks may show up as water-damaged drywall. 
  • Protect Property As Needed - If the attic is wet, there are holes in the roof, or water is noticed anywhere else in the house, protect the home interior and personal property by moving items, covering the floors and furniture and catching leaks in buckets. Do what is necessary to prevent more property damage inside.  
  • Call A Storm Damage Roof Repair Contractor - Lastly, after taking care of these preliminary steps, call a local storm damage roofing repair service and let them know what happened. They will arrange a time to come to inspect the damage, and then develop a repair plan from there.

When bad storms happen, storm damage roofing repair contractors end up very busy catering to homeowners throughout their communities.

These assessment and preparation steps will help customers get faster storm damage roof repair service from roofers and insurance companies without risking additional property damage.