Why Is Good Ventilation So Critical for Protecting A Roof?

A silent, sneaky killer of asphalt shingle roofs is poor ventilation.

When roofing services install a new roof or do routine inspections, ventilation is one of the most important factors that must be checked every time.

If roofing companies ignore this step, significant damage that can destroy the whole installation is possible, especially in hotter climates like Texas, can occur.

Importance of Roof Ventilation

Why is roof ventilation so important?

It prevents the roof from overheating, which experienced roofing services know to be one of the main causes of widespread damage that can make a roofing replacement necessary.

Adequate ventilation under the roof that keeps air flowing through the attic space is critical for keeping the temperature in that space lower.

Without that efficient airflow, attics can heat up so much under the shingles that the heat emanates through them, effectively broiling them on the top of the house. 

Damage Caused By Poor Roofing Ventilation

What type of damage do roofing contractors see due to poor ventilation?

Overheated asphalt shingles can exhibit numerous different symptoms of overheating, all of which permanently affect their condition and their ability to function as a watertight system.

Blistering is a common symptom of a roof that is overheated due to poor ventilation as is shingle curling due to the adhesives and asphalt melting and then the asphalt curling up.

Hot roofs may also exhibit drying as well as cracking and roofing companies find leaking to be common with installations that are damaged due to poor ventilation. 

How Much Is Enough Ventilation? 

Roofing companies experienced in testing and installing adequate ventilation suggest at least 1 foot of air movement for every 150 feet of attic space.

A qualified roofing contractor can perform a smoke test or test ventilation in other ways to determine whether the existing vents are providing enough air movement or if more vents should be installed.

At the very least, there should be ridge vents and soffit vents that work together to promote good upward airflow; however, when those are not enough, more can be added. 

Don't Let This Common Problem Destroy Your Roof!

Of all the reasons for homeowners to experience roof leaking and other widespread problems with their asphalt shingles, not enough attic ventilation is a common and frequently overlooked cause.

Unfortunately, ventilation issues can be an expensive oversight that costs the homeowner thousands in the end when their shingles must be replaced sooner than expected.

Hiring an experienced local roofing service that is knowledgeable about ventilation is the best way to prevent these problems and protect asphalt shingles.

Combined with good general maintenance like gutter cleaning and regular inspections, adequate ventilation helps a roof last as long as it should!